What We Offer

Consultancy Service

  • Corporate Planning and Development
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Corporate Restructuring and Reorganisation;
  • Business Valuations
  • Economic Research, Survey & Analysis
  • Private & Public Sector Consulting
  • Strategy Development and Business Planning
  • Due Diligence Reviews and Privatisation (including Flotation of Shares
  • Decentralisation of Government Departments and Agencies
  • Human Resource Development (including Management Development and Training
  • Management Information Systems
  • Donor Support Services
  • Project Management Systems Design / Audits / Reviews
  • Design of Appropriate Corporate Governance Structures
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Finance
  • Link Clients to Financial Institutions
  • Financial and Business Systems Design / Reengineering

Accountancy Service

  • Investigations
  • Forensic Review
  • Advise on Corporate Tax and Vat Returns
  • Accountancy Support Services
  • Design and implementation of Accounting & Financial Management Systems
  • Preparation of appropriate Accounting Procedural Manuals
  • Processing of Accounting and Business transaction
  • Preparation of Management Accounts and Financial Statement
  • Establishment of Internal Control systems, Policies and Procedures
  • Conduct Accountancy and Taxation Capacity Building Workshops

Our Track Record |Past Service Record

Work Experience

Established some eight (8) years ago, BS Africa Limited has successfully executed a number of training and capacity building programmes for a number of organisations. Some selected relevant experiences include:

BDS Funded Capacity Building and Training for the Ghana Co-operative Credit Union Association (CUA) Limited

With co-funding support from the BDS Fund I, BS Africa Limited developed five (5) Credit Unions’ Operations Manuals including:

1. Credit Unions Accounting and Financial Management Manual
2. Credit Unions Loans Administration Manual;
3. Credit Unions Co-operative Governance Manual;
4. Credit Unions Human Resources and Administration Manual;
5. Credit Unions Shares and Savings Policies Manual.

Over 400 credit unions with over 1,000 members were trained nationwide on all the five (5) manuals in ten regional chapters of CUA.

MSME/BDS Funded Capacity Building and Training for the Rural and Community Banks in Association with the Association of Rural Banks – Ghana

With co-funding support from the BDS Fund I, BS Africa Limited developed two (2) Rural Banks Operations Manuals including:

1. Rural Banks Co-operative Governance Manual
2. Operational Manual.

All the 120 rural and community banks in Ghana with over 360 individuals (drawn from the Board Members, Management and Staff of the Rural and Community Banks) were trained nationwide on all the two (2) manuals in all the ten regional chapters of ARB.

Capacity Building in General Management Practice for Middle Level Managers of Sikaman Savings and Loans Company Limited (Sikaman).

Sikaman Savings and Loans Company Limited engaged BS Africa Limited to conduct capacity building training in general management practice for its newly recruited middle level staff. The training was aimed at enhancing their planning, organizing, controlling and leadership skills in the efficient and effective management of the company was one of the facilitators of this training programme.

Capacity Building in Financial Management for Micro Finance Institutions

The Ministry of Finance, under the Rural Financial Services Project (RFSP), selected BS Africa Limited to provide capacity building (training) in financial management to micro entrepreneurs in the Micro Finance Sector (Cooperatives Susu clubs, Women's groups, Self-help groups, Credit Unions etc). The project was aimed at poverty reduction in the rural and peri-urban areas of Ghana. The training has benefited the entrepreneurs as they have acquired knowledge, skills and change in attitude in improving the management and running of their businesses. He was the Coordinator for this project.

Capacity Building and Training in ‘Interpretation of Financial Statements

In collaboration with EW Associates, BS Africa Limited was engaged as the Resource Person in a training program in “Interpretation of Financial Statements" for staffs of Databank Financial Services Limited and CAT (Tractor & Equipment Limited).

Capacity Building for EED Grant Beneficiaries

BS Africa Limited facilitated a Financial Management Training workshop for Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst e. V. EED (In English-The Church Development Service) a German based Donor Agency in the area of provision of various social services to deprived communities in Africa and around the world. It led to the training of more 40 'Partner Organizations' such as the Christian Council of Ghana, the Salvation Army of Ghana, SLADEA and SLOIC of Sierra Leone, LOIC and CHAL of Liberia, just to mention a few.

Training for the Members and Advocacy Support to the Sirigu Women Basket Weavers Association – funded by the BUSAC Fund

BS Africa Limited supported the Sirigu Women Basket Weavers Association in Bolgatanga of the Upper East Region, in accessing the Business Sector Advocacy Fund (BUSAC) Fund in 2007. The fund was used in among other things train the members in:

1. Basic Bookkeeping and Record Keeping; 2. Financial Management;
3. Accounting for Non-Accounting Managers;
4. Basic Banking Procedures

Part of the funding was also used in researching and for the development of advocacy tools towards the advocacy for the removal of excessive taxes by the Internal Revenue Service.

Capacity Building for some Selected Institution

BS Africa Limited has facilitated various Capacity Building and Training Workshops which was organized in collaboration with EW Associates, in Effective Stores Management for the stores personnel of some selected financial and insurance companies in Ghana including:

• Ecobank Ghana Limited;
• Ghana Commercial Bank Limited;
• Vanguard Assurance Company Limited;
• National Investment Bank Limited; and
• First Atlantic Merchant Bank Limited.

The others included
• The Coca Cola Bottling Plant
• The Duty Free Shop
• African Explosives, just to mention a few.

Capacity Building – Ghana AIDS Commission and Action Aid Ghana

BS Africa Limited conducted and facilitated several (over 10) Capacity Building Programs (Workshops) for Action Aid Ghana in collaboration with the Ghana AIDS Commission under the Support to the International Partnership Against AIDS in Africa (SIPAA) Project. This led to the training of over hundred (100) organizations spanning from:

• Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs);
• Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs);
• Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
• Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
• Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).

Who are the beneficiaries of the GARFUND (Ghana AIDS Response Fund) and MSHAP funds nationwide.

MSME/BDS Fund/Maltiti Agro Society Limited Project

Maltiti Agro Society Limited is a farmer-based organisation that exports food crops including yam, maize, and peanuts to the United States of America, United Kingdom, and mostly, the European Union. They required training in agricultural value chains to enhance their productivity, marketability and increased export volumes.
BS Africa Limited executed this assignment with support from the MSME/BDS Fund.

MSME/BDS Fund Project/Ghana Association of Forex Bureaus/Bank of Ghana Operating Platform

With the matching fund support from the MSME/BDS Fund Project, BS Africa developed a Bank of Ghana approved software/operating platform for all the forex bureaus in Ghana. They were trained and the platform has been deployed to about 50% of the forex bureaus

Capacity Building for Senior Managers of the Department of Feeder Roads (DFR)

BS Africa Limited co-facilitated a Workshop on "Finance for Non-Financial Managers" for Line Managers of the Department for Feeder Roads (DFR) in conjunction with EW Associates. This was funded by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Roads & Transport.

Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) Project/BDS Fund Relevant Experience

BS Africa Limited has worked as service provider both under BDS Fund I and BDS Fund II providing various forms of professional services for beneficiaries of the Business Development Services fund. Notable among them included the following key beneficiaries: